Project Name Carleton
Project Description

Project Carleton: Social Media Evaluator!

Previous guidelines for political and social issue content have asked raters to classify content according to whether or not the post is about a Political Topic or a Social Issue, and provided thematic guidelines as definitions. This approach requires that the people labeling content have necessary context to make subjective assessments, and likely contributed to relatively low rates of inter-rater reliability and low ML classification recall and precision. 

The daily task of the consultant consists of identify attributes of posts that will be processed via coding rules to make civic classification decisions.

  • Are you interested in Politics and Social Issues?
  • Stay up to date with Current Events in your market!
  • Flexible work hours!
  • Long term project, ongoing!


  • 20 Production Hours per week
  • You must stay up to date with guidelines that change and reflect current events.
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