Project Name Nimbus
Project Description

Nimbus | Text Collection

Ready to help develop machine learning models and algorithms for note-taking applications and journal entries from hand-written text? Love taking hand-written notes through digital technology, then read on ...

We are looking for a collection of pre-existing notes/ journal entries written using a stylus pen through note-taking applications on your digital devices. A reminder, we are looking for hand written notes taken using a digital pen on a screen i.e. laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Interesting and unique
  • Simple and fun
  • Fast earning potential


  • Must have pre-existing hand-written notes using a digital stylus pen saved in a note-taking applications from a digital screen.
  • Must regularly use note-taking applications.
  • Must be using Journal, Good Notes or OneNote application.
  • Must have validated notes taken by human hands naturally over the course of a normal life.
  • Notes shall not be produced for the purpose of this data collection.

This project is paid by task and not an hourly rate. The payrate is based on receiving a total of 20 validated pages of pre-existing notes which pass our quality assurance checks.

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